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#DayCamp @ Kimama Half Moon

Kimama Half Moon is non-denominational and offers a multi-cultural Summer Camp Experience for both Day Campers as well as Sleepover Campers. We are proud to offer a diversified program in sports, arts, nature and more.  Younger campers will be scheduled for a daily swim lesson. Our program emphasizes instruction rather than high competition. Campers are given time to practice and are encouraged to recognize all improvements as a measure of success. Kimama Half Moon maintains a camper to staff ratio of 3 to 1 for Tigers, 4 to 1 for Pioneers and 5 to 1 for all other campers.

Thursday night Sleepovers

Thursday’s are very special at Kimama Half Moon. It’s an opportunity for all Day Campers to sleepover and participate in our weekly campfire. All meals are provided and included in your tuition.


Daily Schedule

8:30 am

Welcome Campers

9:00 am

1st Activity Period

10:00 am

2nd Activity Period

11:00 am

3rd Activity Period

12:00 pm


12:15 pm

Lunch (Good Bye Half Day Tigers and Pioneers)

1:00 pm

Rest Hour

2:00 pm

4th Activity Period

3:00 pm

5th Activity Period

4:00 pm

Clean Up and Pack Up

4:30 pm

Good Bye Campers

4:45 pm

After Camp Option until 8:30pm

Camp Kimama Halfmoon