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#DayCamp @ Kimama Half Moon

Facilities at Kimama Half Moon

Our full waterfront includes a slide, motorboats, sailboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes an inflatable island and a floating water rug. Great Fun! Our heated pool provides both deep and shallow swim areas and swim lanes for our more serious swimmers. All water areas are maintained by certified lifeguards. Our ropes course includes a zip line, high elements as well as low elements to challenge our campers. Tillie’s, our new camper center, houses everything from tables, electronic basketball, big screen TV, as well as tables and couches for indoor activities on rainy days. Two basketball courts, tennis courts, a batting cage, gymnastics pavilion, yoga deck and soccer, baseball and volleyball fields provide play areas for our sports minded campers. Our new pottery barn includes three wheels, work stations and kiln. A separate crafts building rounds out our arts program. Oh, and we even have a skate park!

Camp Kimama Halfmoon