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#SleepAwayCamp @ Kimama Half Moon

Kimama Half Moon is proud to offer a diversified program in sports, arts and enrichment areas. We wish to involve the camper in a variety of the many activities offered therefore activities are chosen by the camper on a weekly basis. Younger campers will be scheduled for a daily swim lesson. The Camp’s program emphasizes instruction rather than high competition. Campers are given time to practice and are encouraged to recognize all improvements as a measurement of success.


Daily Schedule
Monday — Friday

7:00 am

Rise and shine

7:50 am


9:00 am

1st Activity Elective

10:00 am

2nd Activity Elective

11:00 am

3rd Activity Elective

12:00 pm

Wash up for Lunch

12:15 pm


1:00 pm

Relaxation with bunkmates

2:00 pm

4th Activity Elective

3:00 pm

Afternoon Snack

3:15 pm

5th Activity Elective

4:15 pm

Shower Hour

5:15 pm


5:45 pm


7:00 pm

Evening Activity 1

8:00 pm

Snack/Call to Quarters
Lower Camp

8:30 pm

Evening Activity 2
Upper Camp

9:00 pm


10:00 pm

Call to Quarters
Upper Camp

Weekends allow time for field trips, hikes, team games, special projects and a little relaxation.

Camp Kimama Halfmoon